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Hanging Birdbaths

Due to the weight of water most hanging baths are smaller than other designs. Small baths are more attractive to small birds. They feel safer in them, in the same way that small children feel safer in a baby pool than they do in full-size swimming pools.

hanging birdbaths
Small birdbaths can be hung or stacked to create an attractive environment for birds,  The blue dish on the bottom left has mealworms, popular with many species.

Smaller birds can be enticed to use in the baths by adding stones or gravel to further decrease the overall depth of the bath, creating a water level of 1 inch or less.

Hanging baths are great for patios and balconies where space is at a premium.

hanging birdbath

A hanging bath is popular with many small species. The dried flowers in the background of the above image hint that cooler weather is approaching. A heater might be a good addition to this bath.

Hanging baths can feature decorative designs as well as providing for the birds. Their small size makes them easy to clean but they may need to be refilled more often than larger units.

Quick Hits

Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks feed on other birds. They will sometimes hang around feeders in hopes of capturing an easy meal.  They only take what they need to eat, so they are not going to eat any more song birds by visiting your feeder station.  If you are concerned, take down your feeders for 3-4 weeks.  The raptors will usually move on.