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Susie is the avatar for the AI (artificial intelligence) system. Still under development, it will be used as an aid for bird identification. Using the Internet and brain wave mapping we will soon have the ability to help people identify a bird they have seen - just by reading their mind!  Susie can now accurately recognize bird names, a first step toward our goal. Image recognition will follow. Enjoy the game as Susie reads your mind via the Internet.

Ready to play?
    1. Click the Start button under Susie to engage the AI engine.

2. Do some simple math as follows:

Select any 2-digit number, such as 28.

Next, add the two digits together. In this example 2 plus 8 equals 10.

Now subtract the total from the original number, 28 minus 10 in our example, resulting in 18.

Remember that number and click the Next button.

You can select any 2-digit number you like. Susie just needs to learn to recognize your brain wave patterns.


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Birding Quick Hits

Blue Jays do Johnny Appleseed one better.  After the retreat of the last ice age, oak trees spread back north faster than might have been expected.  There is speculation that Blue Jays helped the process by caching acorns underground, some of which grew into new trees.