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Platform Feeders

Platform feeders are the simplest and easiest feeders to use. Simply spread the feed of choice on the feeder and your done.

Platform feeders can be hung, mounted high with a pole, or placed near the ground. Several commercial designs are available. It is easy to make your own.

Some platform feeder designs can be used to feed fruit or other food items, in addition to seed.

platform feeder

This platform feeder uses a wire mesh over the seed to prevent squirrels from making short work of the offered seed.

Platform Feeder with mesh bottom for drainage,

Platform Feeder.  This model uses recycled materials for the sides.
 A wire mesh bottom lets rain water drain out.

What you should know:
 – Platform feeders attract a great variety of species.
 – The open design also makes it easy for flocks of grackles and starlings to consume large amounts of seed in a short time.
 – Some platform feeders can be easily raided by squirrels.

Quick Hits

Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks feed on other birds. They will sometimes hang around feeders in hopes of capturing an easy meal.  They only take what they need to eat, so they are not going to eat any more song birds by visiting your feeder station.  If you are concerned, take down your feeders for 3-4 weeks.  The raptors will usually move on.