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Hopper Feeders

Hopper feeders are one of the most popular styles. Some of their features include:
    •    Different sizes
    •    Large hopper feeders do not need to be refilled as often as some tube feeder designs
    •    Manufactured in a variety of styles and designs
    •    Easy to fill and easy to clean
    •    Attracts a large variety of birds

hopper feeders

A typical wooden hopper feeder is shown on the left above.
 The Gazebo-shaped feeder on the right is similar in function to hopper feeders.

Some hopper feeders have a spring-loaded arm that can cover the feeder ports. Birds are too light to move the arm. When squirrels land on the arm, it lowers and covers the feeder ports.

    • Hopper feeders are available in different types of wood. Treated lumbar should not be used in feeders. Cedar or fur are good choices.
    • Several manufacturers are now making hopper feeders out of recycled materials. These feeders look nice and last forever.
    • Check the design carefully. Some hopper feeders are hard to clean.

Birding Quick Hits

A bird’s eye takes up almost 50 percent of its head.  Human eyes take up about 5 percent of the head. To be comparable to a bird’s eyes, human eyes would have to be the size of baseballs.