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Hopper Feeders

Hopper feeders are one of the most popular styles. Some of their features include:
    •    Different sizes
    •    Large hopper feeders do not need to be refilled as often as some tube feeder designs
    •    Manufactured in a variety of styles and designs
    •    Easy to fill and easy to clean
    •    Attracts a large variety of birds

hopper feeders

A typical wooden hopper feeder is shown on the left above.
 The Gazebo-shaped feeder on the right is similar in function to hopper feeders.

Some hopper feeders have a spring-loaded arm that can cover the feeder ports. Birds are too light to move the arm. When squirrels land on the arm, it lowers and covers the feeder ports.

    • Hopper feeders are available in different types of wood. Treated lumbar should not be used in feeders. Cedar or fur are good choices.
    • Several manufacturers are now making hopper feeders out of recycled materials. These feeders look nice and last forever.
    • Check the design carefully. Some hopper feeders are hard to clean.

Quick Hits

Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks feed on other birds. They will sometimes hang around feeders in hopes of capturing an easy meal.  They only take what they need to eat, so they are not going to eat any more song birds by visiting your feeder station.  If you are concerned, take down your feeders for 3-4 weeks.  The raptors will usually move on.