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Dome Bird Feeders

Dome feeders have a feeding station covered by a dome (usually plastic). The dome prevents snow and rain from falling on the feeding station. The dome may also make smaller birds feel more protected.

This dome feeder is manufactured by Droll Yankees. 
The dome can be moved up and down. 
When the dome is placed closer to the feeder 
larger species such as grackles will be excluded from the feeder.

Dome bird Feeder

Dome Feeder

This  dome feeder is ideal for feeding fruit or mealworms, 
as these Eastern Bluebirds will attest.


  • Dome feeders are usually hung, not pole mounted.
  • Small dome feeders can be popular with bluebirds if the right food choices are provided, such as pitted or dried cherries.
  • Dome feeders provide some protection from squirrels.

Quick Hits

Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks feed on other birds. They will sometimes hang around feeders in hopes of capturing an easy meal.  They only take what they need to eat, so they are not going to eat any more song birds by visiting your feeder station.  If you are concerned, take down your feeders for 3-4 weeks.  The raptors will usually move on.