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Bird Seed Preferences by Species

Birds have a preference for the foods they eat. Knowing which species prefers which type of food, and where to serve the food, will have a big impact on your success in attracting birds to your feeders.

Here are some tips on feeder location and feeder types.
    •    Suet can be served in a hanging suet feeder.
    •    When ground feeding do not spread more than a days supply.
    •    Fruit can be placed in a shallow dish or on a platform feeder

white-breasted nuthatch on peanut feeder

White-breasted Nuthatch on peanut feeder

Buntings: will use hanging feeders or feed on the ground.
Cardinal: tube or hopper feeder
Catbird: fruit on platform feeder – lower is better
Chickadee: tube or hopper feeder
Doves: feed on the ground
Goldfinch: tube, suet or Nyjer in seed sock
Grosbeaks: tube, platform or platform feeder
Jays: tube feeder, peanut feeder, platform feeder
Juncos: suet or feed seed on ground
Mockingbird: suet or platform feeder
Nuthatches: tube, platform, suet
Orioles: fruit, suager water
Pine Siskins: tube, seed sock, suet
Purple Finch/House Finch: tube or hopper feeder
Quail: feed on the ground
Red-winged Blackbirds: tube, hopper or platform feeders
Sparrows: feed on the ground or low platform
Thrushes: feed on the ground or low platform
Towhees: tube or on ground
Woodpeckers: tube, peanut feeders, suet
Wrens: suet

Birding Quick Hits

Cats kill millions of birds each year.  Please keep your cat indoors, good for the birds and good for a healthier cat. Learn more at the American Bird Conservancy Cats Indoors web site.  l