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Bird Seed Preferences by Species

Birds have a preference for the foods they eat. Knowing which species prefers which type of food, and where to serve the food, will have a big impact on your success in attracting birds to your feeders.

Here are some tips on feeder location and feeder types.
    •    Suet can be served in a hanging suet feeder.
    •    When ground feeding do not spread more than a days supply.
    •    Fruit can be placed in a shallow dish or on a platform feeder

white-breasted nuthatch on peanut feeder

White-breasted Nuthatch on peanut feeder

Buntings: will use hanging feeders or feed on the ground.
Cardinal: tube or hopper feeder
Catbird: fruit on platform feeder – lower is better
Chickadee: tube or hopper feeder
Doves: feed on the ground
Goldfinch: tube, suet or Nyjer in seed sock
Grosbeaks: tube, platform or platform feeder
Jays: tube feeder, peanut feeder, platform feeder
Juncos: suet or feed seed on ground
Mockingbird: suet or platform feeder
Nuthatches: tube, platform, suet
Orioles: fruit, suager water
Pine Siskins: tube, seed sock, suet
Purple Finch/House Finch: tube or hopper feeder
Quail: feed on the ground
Red-winged Blackbirds: tube, hopper or platform feeders
Sparrows: feed on the ground or low platform
Thrushes: feed on the ground or low platform
Towhees: tube or on ground
Woodpeckers: tube, peanut feeders, suet
Wrens: suet

Birding Quick Hits

Consider leaving some of your dead flowers up through the fall and winter months, if their seeds are still present. Migrating and winter visitors may stop by to enjoy a free meal.