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The network of wild bird related web sites is one of the largest online resources for those interested in wild birds. The diversity of information provides advertisers the ability to reach a very specific audience or to meet their promotional needs by reaching a large network of viewers.

We also work closely with Howard Garrett, AKA the Dirt Doctor.  Howard focuses on organic gardening and the natural way to gardening and health.  His radio show is heard on over 200 radio stations and by nearly 500,000 listeners each week.   Almost 3 million people visit his web site each year.

We can provide you with one of our standard advertising packages or develop a custom program specifically tailored to your needs.

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Birding Quick Hits

Blue Jays do Johnny Appleseed one better.  After the retreat of the last ice age, oak trees spread back north faster than might have been expected.  There is speculation that Blue Jays helped the process by caching acorns underground, some of which grew into new trees.